The Kansas Music Hall of Fame was established in August, 2004, to recognize and honor performers and others who have made significant contributions to the musical history of the state of Kansas and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. The Hall of Fame will endeavor to promote public interest in the musicians of the past and encourage those of the present and future.

Eventually a museum will be established to preserve and display artifacts and memorabilia of those inducted into the Hall of Fame and others who have contributed to the area's musical history. The museum will include a public performance area.

Each October a vote is held to select performers who are inducted at a public ceremony early in the following year. Induction is determined by a vote of the members in good standing and the Hall of Fame Board of Directors. Each year there may also be special inductions to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Funds to finance the activities of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame will be solicited through donations, grants, and trusts. Individual and corporate memberships will also be sold. We hope you will bookmark this site and visit often.

Bill Lee   *   President  Emeritus *   Kansas Music Hall of Fame  Bill Lee Memorial Fund